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Program Notes

I. Lightly

Movement I features a tarantella-esque style, though mostly in 9/8, that frequently combines an ostinato part underpinned by hocket rhythms in other parts. It percolates dancingly from the beginning. Melodic motives reappear in the development and the movement finishes with a flourish.

II. Mysteriously, with great intensity and tension

The eerie Movement II opens with wine goblet harmonics over which floats a haunting melodic duet in vibraphone and crotales. It remains soft throughout, except for a brief, but intense climax in the middle.

III. Aggressively

Movement III is driven by 16th-note rhythms and syncopations from start to finish. A brief rhythmic respite appears in the middle, but it is swept away by the return of 16th-note energy that propels to the end.


Percussion 1 :
Xylophone, 4 Timpani, Wine Goblet (partially filled with water)


Percussion 2:
Bells, Large Tam-tam, Snare Drum, Maracas, 2 Slit Drums, Güiro, Wine Goblet (partially filled with water)


Percussion 3:
Marimba (Low A), Suspended Cymbal, Metal Casaba, Triangle, Finger Cymbal, Sleigh Bells, Wine Goblet (partially filled with water)


Percussion 4:
Crotales, Bass Drum, Sizzle Cymbal, Crash Cymbals, Temple Blocks, Tambourine


Percussion 5:
Vibraphone, Small Almglocke (or Cowbell), 3 Wood Blocks, 3 Tom-toms, Sizzle Cymbal (can use Player No. 4’s)

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