Program Notes

For 6 Percussion

Totems was commissioned by Dean Anderson, then-Chair, Percussion Department, Berklee College of Music, Boston, Massachusetts and is dedicated to Dean and the many students he has guided to becoming better musicians.

Following introduction of the primary rhythmic motives and harmonic content, a steady 16th-note groove kicks in at a moderate dynamic that is frequently interrupted by loud rhythmic outbursts. The development gradually presents more rhythmic and dynamic intensity, leading to a quicker tempo. The energy temporarily lowers to a simmer, but gradually increases using a restatement of the opening rhythmic motives and harmonic content leading to a strong punctuated finish.

Performance by the Ronald Reagan High School (TX) Percussion Ensemble.


Percussion 1:
5 Wood Blocks, Mark Tree



Percussion 2:
Concert Bass Drum, Small Triangle



Percussion 3:
4 Concert Tom toms, 2 Bongos, Small Hand Drum



Percussion 4:
Vibraphone, Small Shaker, Piccolo Snare Drum



Percussion 5:
Suspended Cymbal, Hi hat, 3 Temple Blocks



Percussion 6:
Marimba, Tambourine (w/head), Maracas

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